Movement is everywhere. It is what we know and how we learn. It is how we sense and how we respond.

It is what we do without thinking and what we do when we are thinking. It is the source of who we are and the agent of whom we are becoming.


We are making movements and we are registering movements.

And in the relationship between how we move and what we register we find all the information, all the material that we ever have for knowing, thinking, feeling, or doing anything.

We are pattern perceivers, pattern creators, and pattern performers, but not because we are driven by a need to control, master, and understand the matter.

We are so because we exist to move with greater facility and precision.


Because we are rhythms of bodily becoming, participating in a kinetic creativity that exceeds us and sustains us.


Because we are, first and foremost, dancers.

from` Why we dance` by Kimerer L. Lamothe



"The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery" Mark Van Doren

Being a teacher means being an observer of the body.

Being a teacher means having the ability to articulate and convey principles, through images, in order for the student to apply these concepts to their technique.

But mostly I think teaching is about inspiring...

To pass on one's passion... to push and encourage... to bring the dancer into his or her own individual uniqueness...


Teaching is an exchange between teacher and student- it´s a give and take.

Being a dance teacher means being curious.

Curious about the root of a movement...

curious about energy... curious about the body...

curious about timing, form, impulses and space ...

curious about communication and transformation.


It is a huge responsibility and a rewarding job.



I have been an active choreographer for over four decades. My work has spanned lyrical jazz to musical theater but concentrated the past 30 years in contemporary dance.


Since arriving in Germany, I created many evening length works together with Jennifer Mann under our company `Zen in the Basement`- later under the heading `Weiss/Mann Productions`.


My dedication has always been to the moving body and the purity of movement, which I use to explore themes of the human condition, taking inspiration from music, poetry and theories on Quantum physics.


Themes of time, space and energy continue to intrigue me in creating abstract landscapes driven by rhythm, musicality and the transformation of the body.