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interbeing is a dance theater piece highlighting a cast of seven mature dancers from the Berlin scene. They embark on questions around the ageing body as well as our social conditioning and the belief of separateness. The piece unfolds in a series of narrative stories of isolation which weave personal and collective patterns into highly visceral movement evolutions. In this space between stories, the dancers invite the audience to reflect on their own layers of being, challenging them to re-examine polarising concepts, habits, desires and fears. A connectivity emerges from the friction, exposing the limiting beliefs of ego and the reality of our interdependencies.

Concept / Choreography / Direction: Heidi Weiss
Dancers: Esther Cowens, Francisco Cuervo, Lourenço Homem, Jean Marc LeBon, Jennifer Mann, Jessy Tuddenham, Heidi Weiss
Music: Scott Monteith
Dramaturgy: Howard Katz
Set / light design: Sebastian Gäbel
Costume: Malena Modeer
Project Management: Erika Polgar
Public Relations: Cara Rother
Photo: Sebastian Gäbel, Mayra Wallraff,

Video: Cara Rother

Sound Engineering: Timo Sauer

Language: English
Duration: 60 Min.

Supported by the Hauptstadtkulturfonds Berlin.

Francisco Cuervo
Esther Cowens
Jean Marc Lebon
Lorenco Homem
Jennifer Mann
Jessy Layne Tuddenham

Dancer Portraits



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